Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Profession of Faith from 1675

I believe
in the Father, benevolent affection;
in the Almighty, saving power;
in the Creator, providence for guarding, ruling, perfecting the universe.
In Jesus, salvation,
in Christ, anointing;
in the Only-begotten Son, sonship,
in the Lord, a master’s treatment,
in His conception and birth, the cleansing of our unclean conception and birth;
in His sufferings, which we owed, that we might not pay;

in His Cross the curse of the law removed;
in His death the sting of death;
in His, burial eternal destruction in the tomb;
in His descent, whither we ought, that we might not go;
in His resurrection, as the first-fruits of them that sleep;
in His ascent, to prepare a place for us;
in His sitting, to appear and intercede;
in His return, to take unto Him His own;
in His judgment, to render to each according to his works.
In the Holy Ghost; power from on high,
transforming unto sanctity from without and invisibly, yet inwardly and evidently.
In the Church, a body mystical
of the called out. of the whole world,
unto intercourse in faith and holiness.
In the communion of saints,
members of this body,
a mutual participation in holy things,
for confidence of remission of sins,
for hope of resurrection, of translation, to life everlasting.

Lancelot Andrewes, The Devotions of Bishop Andrewes

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