Saturday, February 5, 2011

Horn of Salvation

 1I LOVE You fervently and devotedly, O Lord, my Strength.    2The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer; my God, my keen and firm Strength in Whom I will trust and take refuge, my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower.  ---Psalm 18: 1-2 (Amplified Bible)
There are many verses of scripture that one can cling to in times of stress or trouble.  This is one of them.  It contains a number of descriptions, metaphors, and attributes of God in a protecting relationship with us.  There are two of these phrases that caught my eye and caused me to more deeply consider their meaning.  Without offering other interpretations, virtually every translation uses the same phrases:  "Horn of my salvation" and "High Tower."

High Tower reminds me, for some reason, of Habbakuk maintaining a watch on the wall.  For God to be my High Tower implies that God keeps a perpetual watch over my life and can see many storms (and bright spots) long before they arrive.  This High Tower allows God to be prepared for whatever comes our way, long before we ever experience it.  In being able to see to the farthest horizon God can prepare our way and direct us in the straightest path through every event coming at us.

The harder phrase is the Horn of salvation.  Most commentators see the horn as a symbol of  strength, or power of the King.  But, another thought I came across spoke of how the Temple altar had four horns, one on each corner and anyone who clung to a horn would be granted sanctuary.  To be pursued by enemies and flee to the altar of God, clinging to the horn of the altar a person could be blessed by being saved from their enemies, protected by God's hand and the sanctity of the Temple. 

God keeps watch over our lives and, often without us even being aware, steers us into the best possible positions to be protected.  If we turn to Him and hold onto the horn of salvation we will be surrounded and protected.

Thank you Dear God, for watching over us, for guarding us with your strength and shield, for giving us a place to which to retreat and hold tight -- your Word and our Light.  Hear our prayers, guard our lives, and grant us Your peace, O Lord.  Amen.

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