Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God's Control

But the  Lord is faithful, who shall strengthen you and protect you from evil.  -- II Thessalonians 3:3

Today I'm embarking on another cancer journey with another patient.  There is nothing like cancer to set fire to one's ego, and perhaps that is cancer's purpose in life?  I prayed with the man and his wife last night.  The words just tumbled out of my mouth - "Give us the wisdom to know what to do and open our eyes to see the lessons that You are intending for us to gain."  A song I heard the other day speaks pretty succinctly of cancer's message: "You think you're in control?  I think you're crazy."  God needs to remain in the driver's seat in our lives.  There is only One who is competent and able to be trusted in whatever life has, who has the control needed to handle the difficulties for us that are thrown in our path.  

Lord, we give you the control of all we live today.  Take it make it blessing to others, and that in all we do You would see our praise and thanksgiving.  Amen.

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