Sunday, March 27, 2011

Armors of Light

The daffodils always remind me of trumpets blaring the arrival of Spring.  They always seem to be just completely and blissfully rejoicing in the handiwork of God's creative genius.  They celebrate what I spoke of about a week ago how the trees are living out their true selves by being all they can be.  Daffodils don't hold back or hide themselves shyly under bushels.  I think they are among my favorite flowers in the world.

The night is far gone, the day is near.  Let us then lay aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.  -- Romans 13:12 

There are many "works of darkness."  There are the oft preached about sins of omission and commission we might expect to hear about at church.  But, I'd like to lay out here a different sort of equally hazardous work of darkness, that is, mental darkness.  With television and news what it is, with the darkness of winter, the myriad of problems that can confront us, diets tipped toward the bad foods more than the good, and exercise more difficult to grab brains gravitate toward the dark side.  Pessimism and depression rise up and assail the walls of our good sense.  All the opposite thoughts of Philippians 4:8 swarm around us and without some acts of our will they can swamp us.  Spring is near... the night is near gone -- time to put on the armor of light. 

My daffodils this morning reminded me of the armor of light.  The first thing I heard them trumpeting is "He is Risen."  The darkness HAS to retreat when this phrase claims your consciousness.  Christ does not wallow in the grave feeling bad.  Should we have on our "grave clothes" and dour faces and broken spirits and sorry excuses for not going to church or even getting out of bed to face the world?   Instead, adopt an attitude that Yes Christ can - for ME too!!  Put on the armor of light - the hope in your salvation and see your Christ with the bolt cutters going after the chains of darkness whatever they are.  Then lift a daffodil as a sign of your scepter of light for the world that comes through Christ.

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