Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Children of Light

...and they will look to the earth; and behold, trouble and darkness, gloom of anguish; and they shall be driven into thick darkness. -- Isaiah 8:22

As winter closes in on the northern latitudes, and October winds toward the annual changing of the clocks to Standard Time, darkness falls upon us for an increasing length of time every day.  Add to it the gloomy darkness of rain/snow clouds and I know more than a few people who get very depressed.  Winter, or the dark season, was one of the reasons the Christian Church way back yonder in time chose to place the date for Christmas where we have it.  Near to the longest night of the year we have this huge Christian celebration of Christ's coming into the world.  Christmas, as it has become celebrated (apart from the commercialism) is a celebration of lights. 

"A light burns in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it." (John 1:5)  Immanuel's entry into the world, with the truckload of promises it both fulfills and creates new, lights up the darkest corners of human existence.  We were cast in a dark well, striving to fulfill The Law and be good enough.  Light came, the well was opened, the ground leveled and we now walk with an assurance of grace and forgiveness.  The struggle to accomplish our goodness is transformed from personal lonely endeavor to a partnership completed with and by Christ.

Preparing for Christ's coming is a preparation in releasing oneself from the lonely guilt of not feeling good enough for Him to come into your spirit, your life, your house, and your church.  Find creative ways to use lights such that their presence is a daily reminder of the cleansing of that unworthiness, and God's adoption of you as a son or daughter.  Light candles.  Decorate with lights.  Feel the nearness of God bending low to earth and wiping away tears and darkness everywhere.

God of Light, erase the gloom of anguish and the thick darkness of whatever troubles we face.  Lift us to your heart and embrace us there as your children of the Christmas Hope.  Amen. 

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