Thursday, October 13, 2011


LORD, you establish peace for us;    all that we have accomplished you have done for us. --Isaiah 26:12 (NIV)
Life accomplishments: My daughter is doing a resume in hopes of getting a job.  She is trying to think of all the ways she qualifies for the jobs she is applying.  At fifteen, her accomplishments are not as numerous as she would like.  When any of us do a resume, seeing our accomplishments on paper can make us think, "Is that all there is to me?"  The myth is that we all have the capacity to accomplish whatever we want; that we have such control that whatever happens, if we are competent enough, we can have whatever we work hard enough for.

The fact is, sadly, that we don't ever have that much control over anything.  We certainly don't have the ability to establish peace, or love, or charity no matter how hard we might choose to work at it.  We don't have the capability to make life smooth when it is rough, to make everything go our way, to bring life out of death.  But, God does.  Everything that we do, God is the mover behind it all.  God accomplishes everything for us from sending His Son to walk with us, to His establishing peace, to the forgiveness of sins, to preparing a place for us when life on earth comes to its close. The whole overall scope of our life has God focusing it.  The little details of what we accumulate or accomplish in the course of our lives is not so important as is the important acts God performs -- love, peace, charity, and faith.

Help us, Holy God, to keep our eyes on the Real Prize, not the mundane things of this world that we can't take with us.  Amen.


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