Saturday, April 30, 2011

Righteousness revealed

10 Love and faithfulness meet together;
   righteousness and peace kiss each other.
11 Faithfulness springs forth from the earth,
   and righteousness looks down from heaven. 
-- Psalm 85:9-11
"The nature of everything involved in the life of God in us is only discerned when we have been through it and it is in our past."
For all that might be said about the holiness of living "in the moment" -- i.e. not worrying about tomorrow, not regretting the past, just being grateful for what one has, etc. -- there is a certain blindness that is present in the present.  It is difficult to have enough perspective to see the present moments we're living in the scope and magnitude they actually occupy without the benefit of some hindsight, or for that matter anticipation for where events are going.  Sometimes events feel huge at the time we're going through them only to find them to be virtually insignificant later, or vice versa.

Our relationship with God is like this.  Our life with God is only possible because God makes it happen.  We are frequently not aware of how God is working in and through us until we pause later and see "God's fingerprint" on how things unfolded, and how we were guided.  Keeping ourselves "in the loop" with our faith, continuing to reflect on where God is, and how Christ is acting in concert with me in everything that happens through my day brings faith into intersection with love and peace.  An understanding of righteousness comes from the way we can see the pieces of life falling into place in the larger puzzle that exists predominantly in mystery.

Righteous is often thought of as someone without sin, but we can also see it in a more cosmic way as the right way life's pieces fit faith's puzzle.  God is working a majestic puzzle that includes you.  Your love and faithfulness bring the puzzle together in smooth, flowing ways and it is a serious witness to the work God is about in the world.  Continue looking behind and ahead and expressing moment by moment God's love that is alive and bursting forth from the well deep within you.

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