Monday, April 11, 2011

Holding One's Tongue

Sin is not ended by multiplying words,    but the prudent hold their tongues. -- Proverbs 10:19
The dear American life that we have evolved into, thanks in large part to the lousy examples of living seen hours and hours a day on television, is that giving a curt piece of one's mind to everyone is admirable.  I hate to swim against the stream, but it is not admirable.  There is no reward in any heavenly book for having a pithy comeback line to every negative thing that happens to us.  There is no reward for walking around with anger on our hearts or a chip on our shoulder.  My dad used to say, "A chip on the shoulder is a sign of wood further up."

"The prudent..." -- Prudent is a very nice word in the English language.  It is a word of care-filled watchfulness; a word that lends a virtuous feeling to the person who can be prudent.  It sadly has become the pejorative term from which "prude" comes, yet there is nothing wrong with care-filled watchfulness.  One who can be prudent in the use of words and shows restraint in the wagging of their tongue hurt far fewer feelings, regret less thoughtless or unjustified oral outbursts, and do not contribute to the cacophony of drivel occupying airwaves, rooms, and hallways all around the land.  In addition, smiling more and assuming less bad things while looking for positive blessings makes for a far more peaceful world.  Saying a silent prayer for the one who has brought offense, or even secretly "stabbing a stranger" with a blessing for their day would, in the long run, make the world a better place.  It certainly brings the model of Christ into daily living.  Christ, when confronted with scourging and accusation, prudently held his tongue and lived gently carrying a large prayer stick with which to hammer out the forgiveness of our sins.  Are ye  able to do the same?

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