Monday, January 31, 2011


Since God knows the secrets of the heart. -- Psalm 44:21

The Psalms are a great resource.  In their many chapters lie some expression for just about every human emotion possible.  Psalm 44 could be considered a lament.  Things are not going well for the writer.  It starts out with the great sadness of knowing God HAD helped His people in the past.  But, now for some reason misery and failure had fallen upon the people - even in spite of their having been faithful and true to the covenant.  The writer of Psalm 44 blames God for all the calamities that are occurring to them and ends by crying out to God to rescue them.  The Psalm ends with an almost echoing silence where the people are left waiting for an answer.

In some ways it's a LITTLE bit reassuring that when we have difficulties and pray and pray only to be met by the silent treatment, that we aren't the first to have been subjected to this.  Why, even the author of a chapter in the Holy Scriptures has felt the same way.  So, perhaps many have had the same experience.  The 44th chapter also confirms that very holy people, people of the Bible, people who were doing everything right have problems and remain faithfully waiting and in relationship with God.  Theirs is an example worth noting and copying.

The Psalms teach that it is okay to be a little frustrated and impatient.  That it's okay to complain and whine to God (though referring to it as "lamenting" sounds better!)  Impatience is a part of the basic human character; just waiting when things are falling apart is not one of our typical strong suits.  Yet, remaining in the midst of a shipwrecked existence AND continuing the monologue with God, we see from other Psalms, does win out.  Time passes and all things are healed through perseverance in hope and faith; though I WILL grant the waiting can be hard.

So keep your faith intact by lamenting and by saying your prayers.

Hey God -- what about me?  You helped all those other people.  Help me in my faith and give me the strength to share my faith with someone needing a bit more of their own.  Amen.

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