Tuesday, November 30, 2021


The Apostle Peter is one of the early persons of humble beginnings to sign on to the Way of Jesus.  Known for his brash way of jumping in to volunteer an answer or an action to prove his "me first" undying love, he probably is better remembered for his flaming flop of denial near the end of Jesus' life. Peter though becomes The Rock on which the church comes to be and is looked back on in a lot of ways, at least within Roman Catholicism, as the first Pope. 

So, Peter is one of the many we'll come alongside of during this season who was living a small shallow existence until Jesus entered his life and suddenly that major fork in the road changed everything.  Peter is a study of someone who could enthusiastically leap when others would hold back waiting to be sure of their footing before stepping out. God must love the enthusiastic people like Peter.  Sure, they can make colossal miscalculations at times but how often does the Church's mission languish waiting for a brave soul to appear who will move it in the direction it needs to go?

So, to all those who are first with their hands up, first to race into any situation, first with a new idea, first to volunteer -- bless them!  Adventurous first responders are frequently the leaders who blaze new trails and open new doors that over time become the way most people come to accept.  When that door opens and someone is pulled by another's enthusiasm across the threshold into God's Realm, hope burns a little brighter and God smiles a bit more broadly.  The light of that broad smile is the light that spills out illuminating the darkness.

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