Monday, November 30, 2020

Another Tool for Spiritual Toolbox: Echos of Psalm 23

 The Lord is my Protector and Defender:

Even though fears and sorrows multiply all around me,

My strength and shield hold fast alongside You.

Even though life can be scary & hard

My fortitude and aid awaits Your rescue & healing.

I race from my disquiet and anxiety.

Across vulnerable chasms,

And dark, uneven forested floors

Shadows pursue me

And hidden branches reach for my stumbling feet.

Ahead the mighty gates of Your fortress

Drop into sight ahead of my mauradering panic.

I fall at your gates that are strong and deeply scarred

From repelling the slings and arrows.

Others have raced here for Merciful Protection for eons.

Pounding pitifully upon the gates,

"Lord, rescue me," I call.

And the groan of their monstrous hinges give way

Inviting, welcoming me within Your Mighty Fortress.

Within, your servant angels gather up my quaking frame

They enfold uplifting arms around me

And safely lead me down a winding path wide and smooth

sprinkled with the light of stars 

that have blazed there since antiquity;

Their soft crystal certainty blaze forth a peaceful safety.

Terrors fall away.

The angels lead me to a quaint cabin nestled among towering trees.

A welcoming wisp of smoke curling from its chimney.

The door swings open and warm light and fragrant smells

Usher me into where a banquet table of my favorite food and drink awaits me.

My every need is met before I know to ask.

Mercy flows.  Goodness cleanses my filthy panicked soul-garment.

A new gilded garment - light, strong, impervious to wrongs

Is draped carefully around me and drawn tight.

After my fill of exquisite foods, I am lead out another door

And down another star-lit walk

To a beautiful bubbling pool.

I am helped into it by an attending angel.

The garment around me magically melts away.

I settle onto a submerged bench.

The warm waters begin to change,

Colors swirl around me.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Silver, and Gold.

Each color swirling around me, finding a home within each part of me.

They dissolve every tension, every memory past and present that hurts,

Fear, worry, trauma are all swirled away, 

Leaving pure joy and utter relaxation --

Wholly and perfectly healed.

Light scents of frankincense, myrrh, lavender, and citrus 

Waft away all exhaustion in my mind, soul, and heart.

Every muscle relaxes and melts in the divine warmth.

Surely, Goodness and mercy will follow me now all the days of my life.

And I will be able to return here.  Any time. From any place.

Stepping out.  The magical garment enfolds me securely once more.

It is God's own ancient chainmail meant strictly for me.

I need never be afraid again.

Special shoes are placed upon my feet that will forever

Speed me right back here.

I'm asked if there is anything else my heart desires.

I'm told to watch and wait.

It is coming to me in forms I may not at first recognize.

Back at the great gate, it is open.

A whole new tranquil world stretches out before me,

imbibed with beauty, hope, unqualified love, acceptance, 

abundance and prosperity. 

The bright Daystar purifies all life.

"Go and fret no more," says the angelic servant.

"And forget not to return for refreshment at this secret place

as often as you please."

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