Wednesday, July 19, 2017


"I will remember the works of the Lord." -- Psalms 77:11

Is it still "remembering" if we look forward in time, realizing that God is already there working in this now of ours?  I remember the works that God is doing and has done. For instance, among the memorial markers in a cemetery, I remember the Spirit of the Lord is present with the one each marker represents.

The Now is a fleeting bridge between past and future.  The cross is one of the Lord's works that stands at the intercept point.  Within each present moment, the redeeming work of Christ continues - resetting the past, opening the future.  Even the gesture of crossing oneself ends over the heart, the body's consistent beating - keeping our own personal Now-time.  Our now-time, as long as our hearts beat time, is the reminder of the Lord's works.  How do we bridge the past and future but by our testimonies of God's past faithfulness in the world and the acts we will perform to create, and even alter, the developing Realm of God?  Within our beating heart the Realm of God gestates; each act we do in remembrance of God's leading grace we expand the Realm's incarnation in our midst.

If we keep faith with the beating of our hearts, listening closely, we can hear, see, or sense how we move forward in time.  Let us then remember what God is doing there in that place of destiny toward where we can strive to be-- stronger, surer, more stable, hope-filled, and true.  Let us remember the works of the Lord.

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