Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  -- Psalm 119:105

Recent developments in neuroscience have allowed researchers to get totally new views into the structure and function of the human brain.  They've learned many new and exciting things about how amazing God is in forming us.  For example, that the number of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain outnumber the stars in the universe.  That repeated or habitual ways of thinking create neural routes or pathways in the brain such that the same initiating thought ends up in the same place, tripping the same almost automatic physical and emotional responses; that these pathways can be changed and re-routed with work of will and taking charge of our thoughts.  We are not helpless victims to how our brains work or to aging.  All can be changed.

This is good news indeed.  To change attitudes, sinful patterns, difficult relationships, and even our abilities to accomplish great and glorious deeds all are significantly possible by taking charge of our wants, desires, thinking, and perspectives.  The realities about our lives that we've assumed were set in stone can be changed.  What better way to take control of this new found power than to use the Word of God as our template to new neural pathways that re-route us around problematic thinking/attitudes and into wholeness living with Christ under girding us every step of the way?

One of the most powerful ways this new information from science can help us is in our prayer life.  No other single place in our life can have a greater impact than spending time re-routing our stressed, worried, over-worked lives than through time spent praying and meditating on God's will for us.  God's will is a lamp to our feet and a (stronger, new, better) light to my (brain's) path.

Staying on the Path with Christ,

Dr. Mark

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