Friday, September 21, 2012

Guard the Treasure!

Guard the good treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit living in us. 2 Timothy 1:14
When I first read this verse my first reaction was,”Well what treasure do I possibly have?”  So I suddenly was caught and swept away to places of deep thought ruminating on what treasure I have.  More, what GOOD treasure do I have? Then, presuming I have some, in what ways am I entrusted with it?  And, as a steward of that trust, am I caring for it properly?  Finally, in what ways can I rely on the Holy Spirit to help me more?  What a lot of ponderings from a 17 word verse!

What good treasure do we have that the Holy Spirit has helped us acquire?  A lot of our material possessions count, but they are superficial.  They are like the hermit crab's shell.  Possessions surround us and in some ways protect us - food, shelter, clothing, (big screen TV's?)... the list is lengthy.  A far more profound treasure exists.  We possess our being in Christ.  Before the world was made, while we were yet just a clump of cells en utero, God knew us.  God knew us and loved us.  Loved us so much that God would not allow the sacred treasure within you to be eternally lost.  You in your being-ness are the good treasure.  So guard that treasure!  How?

Guard the treasure by not allowing the negative toxic people and events of life to stain the positive affirmation God has indelibly stamped on your soul through Jesus Christ's sacrifice for you.  Do not allow the treasure to be tarnished or for yourself to be dragged into bitterness, defeat, and destructive thinking and behaviors.  Remember the treasure within you that God purposely refined and molded into you and be grateful.  Remember the treasure!

Separate me, O Lord, from all that pulls down my sense of spirit and holy purpose.  Help me, Holy Spirit, to guard the infinite gift of eternal hope you crafted into me from my birth.  Through Christ, and in Christ, and by Christ.  Amen.


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  1. You have absolutely no idea how much I needed this reminder. The part: 'separate me from all that pulls down my sense of spirit and holy purpose' is just exactly the thought I was having to a family problem. But to hear it expressed this way helped me put my issue in better perspetive. :-)