Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conspiracy of Blessing

Blessed they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. --Matthew 5:6 (Darby)
Human beings are a mixture of physical and spiritual.  The physical element, because it is so tangible, steals more of our attention while our spiritual element probably occupies more of what is important in life.  The spiritual element is built of God's blessing.  There is a thin veil that separates our spiritual awareness from the physical; a veil that can be crossed through prayer, word, and sacrament.

Jesus lists a host of positive, gentle attributes that reflect the basic (default) blessing that is present just across the veil.  When we speak a blessing to another the reality of the spiritual support that is our foundation becomes conscious.  Consciousness of blessing brings out all of the attitudes Jesus mentions in the Beatitudes.  Consciousness of our blessing in Christ brings us peace, humility, comfort, purity of heart, etc. (See Matthew 5 for the whole list.)  

We can make the world move closer to a Kingdom of God, Beatitude place through a conspiracy of blessing.  Saying "Bless you," or "God bless you," or "Blessings on your day," invokes the love of God and generates a "blessing wave" that ripples in concert or harmony with Christ's redemptive intention for all the world.  Praying for people -- just random blessing prayers for the innocent person just standing there in front of you minding their own business has unknown effects - if not for the person prayed for, then for you; for in the act of praying you cross the physical/spirit veil to touch the healing presence of God's love.  Go about your day participating in the conspiracy of blessing and see how God works through it.

God of Blessing and Love, set aside my solitary focus on the physical aspects of life.  Allow me to touch multiple times today the blessing of Your power by remembering how Your blessing surrounds me.  Make me a conspirator of Your love by helping me to remember to bless those around me.  In Christ's steps and way.  Amen.

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