Friday, May 6, 2011

Look for God's Face

1Give thanks to Yahweh! Call on his name!
Make his doings known among the peoples.
2Sing to him, sing praises to him!
Tell of all his marvelous works.
3Glory in his holy name.
Let the heart of those who seek Yahweh rejoice.
4Seek Yahweh and his strength.
Seek his face forever more.
5Remember his marvelous works that he has done;
His wonders, and the judgments of his mouth. -- Psalm 105:1-5
I'd like to direct you to look at the whole of Psalm 105.   In verse 4, the Psalmist says, "Seek his face."  My first thought was, "Well, how can you see God's face?"  Then, I read the rest of the chapter.  The 105th Psalm is a recitation of all the places God upheld the people in His covenant with them.  I think the Psalmist is telling us that when we look backwards at our life story we see God's face and hand upon us.  "Remember his marvelous works that he has done...."  So, to see God's face today, take a piece of paper and try writing down your own free verse poem, or make a bullet list of all the things in your life where you can see God working in your life.

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